What does productivity really mean?

Have you ever come across these questions in your work life?

  • Are you in gmail? facebook? Can you please stop browsing and carry on with your work?
  • Leaving early? Are you done with your work?
  • Don’t take long breaks, It will hamper our productivity.
  • Hey guys you need to work atleast 8 hours a day!

Now I can see a smile on all those who are reading this. Hope you all have heard this before. So what are these questions all about? Yes, it’s what you call “Productivity”

It’s simple, the person who completes his/her work on given time is called productive or you can say getting things done on time.

And a Business person would say it depends on “Time Management” and defines it as: A person should know how to manage their time and get things done.

Now how many of you accept this? Most of them would…but I don’t.

“How can you manage a static thing and that which is limited?” But in my opinion we can instead manage our ENERGY . Have you ever given a deeper insight into its definition? Here it goes for those who haven’t

“Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work” (Source: About.com)

We are humans and human beings are not meant to operate continuously the way computers /machines do. So How Energy helps to getting things done?

There are four energies you need to more concentrate to getting things done, we call it as Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional Energies.

What Tony Schwartz (Best Selling Author) says,

We’re designed to expend energy for relatively short period of time. The third stage of the creative process, incubation that occurs when we step away from a problem we’re trying to solve and let our unconscious work on it. Hence It’s effective to go on a walk (like I do), or listen to music, or quiet the mind by meditating, or even take a drive. Especially exercise that raises the heart rate — is another powerful way to induce the sort of shift in consciousness in which creative breakthroughs spontaneously arise.

If you’re a team member, we need a better way of working. It’s not about generating short-term, superficial productivity gains by using fear as a motivator and then squeezing people to their limits. Rather, it depends on helping leaders to understand that more is not always better, and that rest, renewal, reflection, and a long-term perspective are also critical to fueling value that lasts.

If you’re a leader, here’s where you need to start: Stop measuring your people by the hours they put in, and focus instead on the value they produce. Make that your primary measurement. Then encourage your people to intermittently renew during the day (and on weekends, and over vacations), so that when they’re working, they’re really working. That’s the path to true productivity.

So finally I would like to end with: “Manage your energy, not time!”


My New Year Check List

Everyone has a goal and there should be some check list to achieve it. I have listed my check list here for this year. I will share my goal by end of 2011 🙂

So start with

1. Write atleast one post per month in my blog. – I have written only one post for a year 🙁

2. Buy a smart phone (May be BB) – Yes, brought HTC Incredible S

3. Develop atleast 2 open source application (exculding my official projects) – Zero

4. Earn $100000 before December 2011 – Nil

5. Will travel to my native atleast thrice – No, only twice

6. Will Speak atleast in 2 conference – Spoke in one conference

7. Start learning about business – Yes doing it till now

8. Spend some time with my girl friend (atleast twice a month) – Yes I did

9. Atleast 2 new startups – Only one code4cause.com

10. Plant atleast 50 plants in my farm – Zero

11. Finally will sleep atleast for 5 hrs a day – Not exactly..

Do have your own check list for next year and work accordingly.

Happy New Year!

The Strategic Development of Core HR Systems

Human resources (HR) systems have been around for many years, providing robust and efficient solutions for companies of all sizes. When properly designed, implemented, and maintained, these systems allow companies to engage and nurture their employees and critical processes. When these systems are neglected, however, the result is a loss of competitive edge, increased employee dissatisfaction, and unnecessary costs.


Top company who are search for good R&D in CRM here is company entellium Located in Seattle, Washington (US), Entellium has a research and development center in Malaysia and global consulting services worldwide. It has provided CRM solutions to global brands such as Pan Pacific Hotels, Standard Chartered Bank, MCIS Zurich Insurance, and TELUS. Entellium is one of the fastest growing CRM companies today. Furthermore, Entellium delivers the best post-sales support in the CRM industry with free training, world-wide 24×7 help desk access and a dedicated account manager to ensure a quick deployment.

Customer Relationship Management

Actually when i was studying ooad and tqm i thought to write a post about CRM. Just know about CRM software and whats the use of it. CRM will reduce your sales work and concentrate on next implementation in sales or in production….

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of strategies, processes, and associated technology enablers designed to improve the interactions and engagement of customers. It involves not only the use of these systems, but also corporate cultural transformation and ongoing programs with the appropriate organizational framework. Sales force automation (SFA), customer service and support, and enterprise marketing management are among the main CRM areas.


  • empowers management with a real-time pipeline and forecasting so they can build and focus on high-profit, sustainable relationships
  • empowers staff with customer intelligence and best practices to increase their likelihood of successful transactions
  • increases customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability by integrating information across the enterprise
  • enables executives and management to gain customer insight

I think this post is like our text book which we read…..