I am a guinness world record holder

It was a great pleasure to attend the worlds largest hackathon by Microsoft for Windows 8. 18 hours of coding in VS2012, DJ Rick, Magic Show, Yoga etc. It was great fun and got new young and experienced friends.

guinness world records

By the way I am in this official video as well 🙂

My Email Account was Hacked

Last month my gmail, rediff, and yahoo email address was hacked by a guy. Even though I recovered it  he kept on hacking my id’s. I was wondering who and why was he was doing this. So I left my email- id’s  without recovering my passwords to know who was hacking it.

Just 2 days back, I recovered all my e-mails and  found that the guy who hacked my email  was trying to access my domains which was purchased from dynadot. He had also cleverly changed my paypal id in all the blog advertising websites in which I was  registered. So I decided to find his details and  remitted a dollar to his paypal account and  got this culprits identity. Thereafter, I took the help of   social networking websites and  searched for his information and  this is what I got – “He is a native of  Thanjavur and presently residing in Pune”.  I also found his mobile number and was waiting to call him. However, the irony was he happened to be one of my close friend’s friend.  So I decided not to spoil his life by filing a complaint in cyber crime.

The very next day,  I called him and told him that I am the owner of the email address he hacked. He was shocked and equally suprised as to how I found his mobile number and other personal details. I told him that I  had all the proofs about him, while he is trying to access my domains and my paypal id.

I just advised him not to do this again and I also asked him not to spoil his  life by doing such dirty things after all for money ( bcoz I could have filed a  complaint against him under cyber crime). I told him if  he wants to earn please do so by working but never ever steal  from others pocket. Finally he accepted that he hacked and apologised me…..

So guys!!! Be safe when you are using free email address.. If you ask me for one piece of advise, I would say  it is better to use your own email address if you are  into internet business.

Hack Yahoo Messenger

Its a simple technique to hack a yahoo messenger if you wanna access multiple user login in a system. Usually, only one user is allowed to login yahoo messenger. Now say for example, you hold two yahoo id’s and you wish to use both of them at the same time in your PC. Now in that case, Yahoo messenger is not gonna allow you to do that. To make your life easier, I have found a way to crack that too. Here you go!!!

All you need to do is edit few contents in registry. Let me tell you something at this point. You need to be extra careful here. Because if you end up doing it wrong then it might actually cause a system crash.  So I would advise you to follow the below steps with care and causion.

1. Go to Start -> Run

2. Type regedit and press enter

3. In Registor Editor Click My computer





->Right Click Test->New->DWORD(32-bit) value

4. Now rename “New Value” as “plural”

5. Double Click plural and click hexadecimal assgin value as “1”

Close Registry Editor

6. Now open your yahoo messenger and login using your ID.

7. Repeat step 6 ( But Login using your another Yahoo ID)

Test whether you can chat with both yahoo id. Thats it.

Yahoo messenger hacked !

Its working 100% fine for me. Should you have any queries please comment here.

Simple way to Change your IP Address

In file sharing websites(rapidshare etc.) if you have a free account, there is a time limit to download more than one file.Because your ip address are cached by the website. So if you change the ip address in your system you can get download without time limit. Its only possible if you have dynamic ip address.

Here are the steps.

1. Go to Start -> Run -> type cmd or command.

2. You will get a command window like c:/>

3. Type ipconfig /release (to release your ip address)

4. Type ipconfig /renew (to get new ip address)

How it works?

If you type ipconfig /release. Your TCP/IP protocol will assign the ip address as

If you type ipconfig /renew. Your TCP/IP protocol will request a new ip address from dhcp server. So your system will be assigned for new ip address.