A cup of tea

It is always a big dream for any electronics communication student to get a job in computer service center and it was my dream too. I got the job, but the pay was not great as a diploma graduate.

With Rs.1000 as a salary in my first job back in 2003, I had to restrict my food intake to make sure I have enough money to reach my work place daily. I used to skip my breakfast and I have curd rice for Rs.8 near mount road subway for my lunch and one Parotta in Saidapet for dinner for Rs.5 and most of the time my stomach is filled with free teas which I get from my service center or sometime in customer home. I used to wait if any customer will offer me tea or else I used to get a free water and fill my stomach most of the time. It was not easy to live with empty stomach while you are working hard in hot chennai.

Whenever I have a cup of tea now, I always take every sip with at most interest in it.

I always give at least a tea for any person who come to my home to service my household things. It is not just a gratitude towards their work, its a care and respect we should give for everyone. Hope you will do the same.

Offering a cup of tea will change someones life too.

Great leader never dies

I didn’t believe it first time when I saw in social media. I started looking for different news websites and finally switched on the TV and found the news is real. I couldn’t believe it, my eyes were filled with tears.

I met him in the year 2000. He was an internationally well known scientist that time. He gave a great speech on power of youth and his vision for India. I remember when he started his speech, he even told the camera man to switch off his lights, since he couldn’t see the student faces. I am one of the million students who got inspired by him. He made lots of connection with students even before the social networking sites. At least half my friend met him personally. He always made his doors open for everyone.

I will never forgot the days when he was a president and how the whole world started respecting us when the two professors were leading the country.

He taught us many things, I will spread the same to people around me, I will teach and will give freedom to my kids to dream big.

We missed a great leader, but we will keep marching towards his vision. Thanks Sir!

I would recommend the government to declare 27th July as “Youth Day”. Every young Indian should remember his name and vision for our nation.

My New Year Checklist – 2013

Looks like I am writing only new year checklist in my blog. Ok at least for this year I will start writing posts regularly in my blog. So, here are my new year checklist.

1. Write posts in my blog at least once in a month

2. 5 hours of sleep

3. Will have breakfast regularly

4. Will work as a free advisor for startups and create more entrepreneurs around me.

5. Bring back my electronics hobby – maybe this time will concentrate on robotics

6. Zero savings in 2012, at least I should save some this time.

7. Create a new business model for my parents to earn from our farm.

8. Will identify or train young leaders for code4cause

9. Will innovate something new for my employer

10. Spend time with my parents

11. At least try to spend some time for cooking and washing my clothes. – It is a hard thing, but I will try.

This is my list what’s yours? Comments are most welcome!

My New Year Check List

Everyone has a goal and there should be some check list to achieve it. I have listed my check list here for this year. I will share my goal by end of 2011 🙂

So start with

1. Write atleast one post per month in my blog. – I have written only one post for a year 🙁

2. Buy a smart phone (May be BB) – Yes, brought HTC Incredible S

3. Develop atleast 2 open source application (exculding my official projects) – Zero

4. Earn $100000 before December 2011 – Nil

5. Will travel to my native atleast thrice – No, only twice

6. Will Speak atleast in 2 conference – Spoke in one conference

7. Start learning about business – Yes doing it till now

8. Spend some time with my girl friend (atleast twice a month) – Yes I did

9. Atleast 2 new startups – Only one code4cause.com

10. Plant atleast 50 plants in my farm – Zero

11. Finally will sleep atleast for 5 hrs a day – Not exactly..

Do have your own check list for next year and work accordingly.

Happy New Year!