Who visits your website? An in-depth analysis on web traffic

I have been running my personal website for more than 7 years and use Google analytics to track my website visitors. I could fine more than 50% of my web traffic comes from bots(robots), not humans!!! I was very surprised. Are we trying create a beautiful design, do SEO,SEM etc just for bots to visit our websites?

Here is the in-depth analysis from a web security company Incapsula. They measured the bot can account for up to 61.5 percent of all website traffic and only 38.5 percent was human. The ratio is getting increased every year.

robot traffic report

Who are those bots? Is it good for a website?

More than 21% of bots are good like search engines and other crawling bots (crawls the website for latest/good contents). But more than 31% of bots are bad like spammers, hackers, scrapers and Impersonators. Most of the bad bots eats the server CPU/memory and reduces the website performance which will also affect the website’s search engines ranking.

So how can we save the website from bad bots?

There are few SEO best practices to tweak robots.txt and .htaccess files to save the websites from bad bots. You can check some here http://moz.com/learn/seo/robotstxt and there are many ways we can stop it in web servers as well.

Credits: http://www.incapsula.com/the-incapsula-blog/item/820-bot-traffic-report-2013

image credits: www.3news.co.nz

Top 10 Place to Learn SEO/Internet Marketing

Technology is changing every day, SEO is changing every minute. So keeping us up to date with the latest SEO news/techniques are more important for any Internet Marketing executive. That’s not hard, there are huge number of SEO blogs/websites available where you can subscribe to get latest news. I have listed my favorite blogs.

1. Search Engine Land – http://searchengineland.com/

Covers most of the SEO, SEM, Social and other Internet Marketing techniques and latest news.

2. MOZ – (Previously known as SEOMOZ) – http://moz.com/blog

One of my favorite blog, I am following moz since 2006. This blogs covers more technical information on SEO. If you really like to learn core SEO technical part, you can follow this blog.

3. Search Engine Watch – http://searchenginewatch.com

SEW is good for mobile and web analytic related news/updates.

4. Search Engine Journal – http://www.searchenginejournal.com/

Best place to read content marketing related articles. If Content is King for SEO, SEJ is Queen where you can learn about content marketing.

5. Search Engine Roundtable – https://www.seroundtable.com/

SER has articles specific to search engines. They have special columns to discuss on the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine related updates/news.

6. Marking Pilgrim – http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/

Frequently updated articles about Internet Marketing. You can learn how fast the internet marketing technologies are changing everyday.

7. ReveNews – http://www.revenews.com/

An blog for e-commerce Internet Marketing, SEO and web analytics

8. Webmaster World – http://www.webmasterworld.com/

A best place for any web developer/web marketing executive. This is one of the very old website covers almost everything about web.

9. Clickz – http://www.clickz.com/

Huge number of articles/tools on social media, SEO, analytics, email marketing etc.

10. Matt Cutts – https://www.mattcutts.com/blog/type/googleseo/

Finally Matt Cutts, one of my favorite blog again. Every SEO should follow him, he is “the guru” in SEO techniques. You can watch his videos in Youtube on SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Backlinks, Algorithm updates, Google Spam detection etc…

I have listed only few, there are more than 30+ blogs available on internet marketing. But if you follow this 10 blogs, you can learn a lot in Internet Marketing.

Image Credit: Search Engine Journal