How Code 4 Cause was started?

When I was working in Cognizant, I had a chance to participant in a hackathon event conducted by Cognizant Outreach team (CSR of Cognizant). The primary objective of the event was to develop application for Outreach to make their life easier. We gathered around 50 people to develop 10 applications which can help Cognizant’s CSR to serve the schools better. I was one of a participant and we developed a high level reporting tool for Outreach.

From that event I learned many things

It is not easy to run a nonprofit without help of technology. Like anyother corporate companies, nonprofit organization also has many challenges in managing their resources, volunteers, IT filing, funds, reporting to donars etc. The complexity of a nonprofit is much higher than the corporates.

Also I found there are many people interested to develop free softwares for nonprofits. If we can gather 50 developers for one nonprofit. Can’t we get more developers to help rest of the nonprofits around the world?

When I came back to home, I was thinking how about other nonprofits? How other nonprofits run without technology? If they use technology, how much cost they are investing? I did some basic analysis and found they invest more than 25% of their funds for technology like developing websites, donation/financial management systems, computers etc.

I encouraged my colleagues to join with me to develop free softwares for nonprofit. There were around 6 people interested and we launched Code4Cause in two days.

I just expanded Cognizant Outreach’s Idea to the rest of the world. Now code4cause is very sucessful and I thank Cognizant Outreach team to ignite this idea in me.

After couple of months, while surfing the web I found we are not the only one, but there are many initiative similar to Code4Cause around the world. Like Code for America, Code for Charity, Code Jam, Code for India, Code 4 a Cause etc. there were many. I am happy that, Code4Cause is a first kind of initiative in India. 🙂

I am a guinness world record holder

It was a great pleasure to attend the worlds largest hackathon by Microsoft for Windows 8. 18 hours of coding in VS2012, DJ Rick, Magic Show, Yoga etc. It was great fun and got new young and experienced friends.

guinness world records

By the way I am in this official video as well 🙂