Exhibition of Indian Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan – 2014

Once again, I was invited to the exhibition of India’s Grassroots Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan with President of India “Shri Pranab Mukherjee”.

My previous visit : http://www.arunrajiah.com/grassroots-innovator-award-at-rashtrapati-bhavan/

I have seen few great innovations from kids (3rd to 8 std students) and it was amazing thoughts. I am happy to see the future of our country is innovative and I believe they will follow the same when they grow up.

Below are some of the innovations I captured in the Innovation Exhibition.

Ginger and turmeric planter – Indrajit Balvirsingh Khas, Maharashtra

India Innovations

 Solar Spinning Machine – Manipal


Arecanut Cutter – Wazeer Hayath, Karnataka


Improved iron cutter – Abhul Rahman Sheikh, Jammu and Kashmir


Mitticool range of earthen products – Mansukhbhai Prajapati, Gujarat


Cotton wick making machine – Dipakbhai Vyas, Gujarat


Walnut Cracker – Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, Jammu and Kashmir


Motorcycle driven agricultual machine from different part of our country

innovation3 innovation4 innovation5 innovation6 innovation7

Most of the innovations are not created for business or to file a patent. All these innovations were created to solve their own problems.

It was a great learning for me, hope you learned something from this post as well.

Please contact nif.org.in if you need any information about these Innovations.

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