Few clicks of Veerapandi and my farm

Today i was just going through the photos which i took in my village veerapandi and my farm.

Thought to share few in my blog….

Kambam – Theni High road. (Veerapandi Bridge)

Famous Veerapandi River ( aka Mullai River )

You can see this river in most of the movies ( Recently in GOA Movie )

A Typical View of Veerapandi

Veerapandi Bridge

Onion Plants in my Farm

Corn Plants

Soon will release a Photo Gallery 🙂

15 thoughts on “Few clicks of Veerapandi and my farm”

  1. Excellent boss…
    When I’m out of the IT field, Will join your farm as a worker, the best way to have a healthy life with nature….

  2. Amazing photos. The outline of the mountains and the clouds in some of the snaps is simply amazing !!
    And the narrow trodden paths seem so peaceful.
    Keep posting more of such photos.
    You should take us to your village someday.

  3. excellent photography. Healthy village. Still some villages, only some villages are greeny without plot. let us not invade the nature and co habitants.
    you are blessed with green. we people in towns and citys lost everything

  4. i am longing to go to this place
    have seen in moviesgoing to plan a trip in aug
    any ideas where good hotels are available

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