Great leader never dies

I didn’t believe it first time when I saw in social media. I started looking for different news websites and finally switched on the TV and found the news is real. I couldn’t believe it, my eyes were filled with tears.

I met him in the year 2000. He was an internationally well known scientist that time. He gave a great speech on power of youth and his vision for India. I remember when he started his speech, he even told the camera man to switch off his lights, since he couldn’t see the student faces. I am one of the million students who got inspired by him. He made lots of connection with students even before the social networking sites. At least half my friend met him personally. He always made his doors open for everyone.

I will never forgot the days when he was a president and how the whole world started respecting us when the two professors were leading the country.

He taught us many things, I will spread the same to people around me, I will teach and will give freedom to my kids to dream big.

We missed a great leader, but we will keep marching towards his vision. Thanks Sir!

I would recommend the government to declare 27th July as “Youth Day”. Every young Indian should remember his name and vision for our nation.

4 thoughts on “Great leader never dies”

  1. Couldn’t agree more Arun

    We all feel like someone very close to heart is not physically seen.

    My mother and I had tears in eyes and hearts were heavy, when watching the news in TV around 9PM, a few words naturally came “Salam to you Kalam…”

    True, he had dreamt big and had the “Wings of fire” and Ignited the minds of millions of people!

    Last seen teaching! Wow!

    Rest in peace his soul!


  2. I truly share and echo the same feelings Arun. The least we can do is to convert his vision into action.

    Making 27 July “Youth day” is a good thought.


  3. Inspired by your thought Process, i have planned to conduct small activity on Sir Kalam, for the School Children where i do organise my Events and activities with providing Schooling Needs

    It is indeed a honour to act upon the thoughts of such a great personality


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