My New Year Check List

Everyone has a goal and there should be some check list to achieve it. I have listed my check list here for this year. I will share my goal by end of 2011 🙂

So start with

1. Write atleast one post per month in my blog. – I have written only one post for a year 🙁

2. Buy a smart phone (May be BB) – Yes, brought HTC Incredible S

3. Develop atleast 2 open source application (exculding my official projects) – Zero

4. Earn $100000 before December 2011 – Nil

5. Will travel to my native atleast thrice – No, only twice

6. Will Speak atleast in 2 conference – Spoke in one conference

7. Start learning about business – Yes doing it till now

8. Spend some time with my girl friend (atleast twice a month) – Yes I did

9. Atleast 2 new startups – Only one

10. Plant atleast 50 plants in my farm – Zero

11. Finally will sleep atleast for 5 hrs a day – Not exactly..

Do have your own check list for next year and work accordingly.

Happy New Year!

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