My Startups and Great Flops

Domainclump Web Services – Started : 2006

Domainclump was started to be an online page rank domain marketplace. Later when I started getting more opportunities on web development, domainclump started focusing on website development.

Started designing my first website on 2006 and founded Domainclump Web Services Created an Online Project Management tool which helps 35+ Web Designer designing websites from their home for domainclump. Domainclump has a huge client list around the World now.

Excur Media – Started : 2007

Founder of Excur Media Network, World’s largest blog advertising company with 50+ Blogger and 240+ Blogs. Right now it is operating with less than 10 employees and focusing more on web analytics and social media marketing.

Code4Cause – Started : 2011

We found there are a lot of nonprofit organizations who struggle to cope up with the growing complexity of Information technology and over-reliance on IT to grow or rather to exist; hence we came up with this idea of being a supportive hand for all our partners in the form of Code4Cause. We help those who help others; our partners are in the field of education, health, employment, etc.

Code4Cause is aiming to connect all software developers & geeks around the globe to help NGO’s to be at par with the state of the art technologies. Let’s code and make the NGOs’ life easier.

Moorhost – Started : 2008

Invested half of my domainclump revenue to start a web hosting company in 2007. It was a great flop due to lack of planning and customer support. Huge investment, zero profit, good learning. – Started : 2007

This was my first attempt on e-commerce. There were many people crazy about MP3 players at that time. In many colleges mobile phones are not allowed, so everyone will have an MP3 player with them always. MP3, iPods were best selling products and costly as well. Few of my friends were not having MP3 players and they always used to search for cheap players. So I started an e-commerce website to sell cheap MP3 players online. I brought few MP3 players with touch screen functionality from a manufacturer from china (I know him as a seller at for $24 USD per product. And designed a basic website with Paypal payment functionalities and showcased the players. People were not interested to buy a product online. But I was able to sell in offline.

3M Electronics Security Pvt Ltd – Started : 2008

Started as a fun, now almost serving the whole Chennai (especially TASMAC and Temples – the most crowded places). CCTV, Home/Office/Mall security, access cards, fire alarms, Time and attendance etc., are what we do.

KADZ Foods and Supplies Pvt Ltd – Started : 2016

Trying to redefine the baking product with healthy and organic ingredients. Healthy Bakes is one of the well known product of the company.