A cup of tea

It is always a big dream for any electronics communication student to get a job in computer service center and it was my dream too. I got the job, but the pay was not great as a diploma graduate.

With Rs.1000 as a salary in my first job back in 2003, I had to restrict my food intake to make sure I have enough money to reach my work place daily. I used to skip my breakfast and I have curd rice for Rs.8 near mount road subway for my lunch and one Parotta in Saidapet for dinner for Rs.5 and most of the time my stomach is filled with free teas which I get from my service center or sometime in customer home. I used to wait if any customer will offer me tea or else I used to get a free water and fill my stomach most of the time. It was not easy to live with empty stomach while you are working hard in hot chennai.

Whenever I have a cup of tea now, I always take every sip with at most interest in it.

I always give at least a tea for any person who come to my home to service my household things. It is not just a gratitude towards their work, its a care and respect we should give for everyone. Hope you will do the same.

Offering a cup of tea will change someones life too.